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4 Pieces Pet Safety Anti-Cat Scratch Claw Covers Shoes
4 Pieces Pet Safety Anti-Cat Scratch Claw Covers Shoes

4 Pieces Pet Safety Anti-Cat Scratch Claw Covers Shoes


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Size: 14.5*8.5*3.3 cm. Coldproof, Waterproof

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About this Item

Suitable for: Cat and Dog

Size: 14.5*8.5*3.3 cm

Function: Coldproof, Waterproof

Material: Silicone

Type: Shoes

Package: 4 pieces box

Pet Safety Anti-Cat Scratch Claw Covers Shoes, the ultimate solution to protect both your precious pets and your valuable furniture! Say goodbye to scratched floors, torn upholstery, and worried pet parents with these innovative claw covers.

Crafted from durable and non-toxic silicone material, these claw covers are safe for your furry friend to wear and won't cause any discomfort. Each set includes four pieces, ensuring that your pet is fully equipped to keep their claws at bay. With a range of sizes available, from small to large, finding the perfect fit for your pet is a breeze.

Designed to be easy to apply and remove, these claw covers slip on effortlessly over your pet's claws, providing instant protection. Plus, their transparent design ensures that your pet's natural beauty shines through while still safeguarding your home.

Not only do these claw covers protect your furniture, but they also promote safe and healthy scratching habits for your pet. By covering their claws, your pet can still engage in natural scratching behaviors without causing any damage.

Whether you have a playful kitten or a mischievous cat, our Pet Safety Anti-Cat Scratch Claw Covers Shoes are the perfect solution for pet-friendly homes everywhere. Keep your furniture looking like new and your furry friend happy and healthy with this essential accessory!


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