45 Vet and Animal Clinics List with Contacts in Bangladesh

45 Vet and Animal Clinics List with Contacts in Bangladesh

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PUBLISHED ONJun 23, 2024

If you're a pet owner in Dhaka, having access to the best veterinarians is naturally crucial for ensuring the health and happiness of your furry companions. Whether for routine check-ups, vaccinations, or emergency care, knowing where to find reliable and experienced veterinary services can make all the difference.


This comprehensive list of top veterinarians in Dhaka provides essential contact information, making it easy to find a trusted vet near you. From highly qualified practitioners to clinics with the latest technology, these veterinarians offer the best care for your pets.

For new pet parents and seasoned guardians alike, this resource is invaluable. It eliminates the stress of finding the right care in urgent situations and offers peace of mind knowing expert help is just a call away. By consulting this list, you ensure your pets receive the highest standard of veterinary care available in Dhaka.

25 Best Vet in Dhaka 


1. Dr. Md. Luthfor Rahman

Veterinary Surgeon, Central Veterinary Hospital, Dhaka

Phone Number: 01552457085, 01731492093
Email: [email protected]
Location: Nikunja-2, Khilkhet, Dhaka
Services: Regular Health Check up, Vaccination, Surgical Operation, NOC, Microchip etc


2. Vet Dr. Md. Mamunur Rashid

Veterinary Surgeon, DVM, MS in Theriogenology
Central Veterinary Hospital

Phone Number: 01725-808534
Location: 48,Kazi Alauddin Road, Dhaka-1000
Services: Pet animal Treatment,Management, Vaccination, Surgical Procedure, Ovario-hysterectomy, Castration, Docking, Cesarean section, Routine health checkup, Emergency care etc


3. Dr. Arifur Rabbi

Veterinary Surgeon, DVM, MS
The Pet Vet BD

Phone Number: 01785-636036
Email: [email protected]
Location: TA 173/2 Lake view road, Godara ghat to Hatirjheel Road, Dhaka 1212
Services: Pet Animal Disease Diagnosis & Treatment, Pet Animal Vaccination, Dog & Cat Vaccine, Pet Animal Deworming, Dog & Cat Routine Deworming, Pet Animal Health Checkup, Dog & Cat Health Checkup


4. Vet Dr. Sagir Uddin Ahmed

Veterinary Surgeon, DVM, MS Vet Science, PhD
Dr. Sagir's Pet Clinic & Research Center

Phone Number: +8801912251312, 01752987436, 01706214759
Email: [email protected]
Location: House 3/2, Block D, Lalmatia Dhaka 1207, Bangladesh
Services: preventative health care, diagnostic and medical care of sick pets, and vaccination


5. Dr. Siamak Shamsi Bahar

Veterinary Surgeon

Phone Number: 01711561155
Location: H-56, R-9/B, Sector: 5, Uttara
Services: Regular Health Check up, Vaccination


6. Dr. Md. Azmat Al

Veterinary Practitioner, (DVM, Msc)
Gulshan Pet Clinic

Phone Number: 01912-013615, 01715-078434
Location: 4-5 DCC Super Market, Gulshan-2, Dhaka-1212
Services: Vaccination, Surgical Operation



7. Dr.Kazi Mujibur Rahman

Veterinary Surgeon, Central Veterinary Hospital,Dhaka

Phone Number: 01715016218
Location: Kazi Allaudin Road, Gulistan, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Services: Regular Health Check up, Vaccination, Surgical Operation


8. Dr. Mohammad Shariful Haque

Veterinary Surgeon

Phone Number: 02-8619706, 01730047774
Location: New Elephant Road, Elephant Road, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Services: Regular Health Check up, Vaccination, Surgical Operation, NOC, Microchip etc


9. PAW Life Care

Phone Number: +8801909617994

Location: 1/12, Block-G, Lalmatia, Dhaka


10. Vet and Pet care

Phone Number: +8801909617994

Location: House# 68/10, Europa International School Lane, Zigatola Post Office Road, Dhanmondi, Dhaka


11. Dr. Chowdhury Sultana Sabrina

Phone Number: 9883486, 01912-013615

Location: 23/10, Banani 2no. Road, Dhaka


12. CFP (Care for Paws)

Phone Number: 01635817270, 01635817271, 01635817272

Location: Gulshan Pet-Animal Clinic, 4-5 DCC Super Market, Gulshan-2, Dhaka-1212


13. DR. Mir Md. Afzal Hossain (Veterinary Surgeon, DVM (CVASU), MS(Surgery)

Branch: Dhanmondi

Phone Number: N/A

Location: Dhaka


14. Animal Care Bangladesh

Phone Number: 01763672169, 01622444069

Location: RobinHood The Animal Rescuer Headquarter, Road No. 9, Dhaka-1219


15. Veterinary Specialized Hospital & Diagnostic Center

Phone Number: 01305843505 

Location:428/1, Garden View Road, Mirpur-1, Dhaka-1216  


16. LD Veterinary Hospital

Phone Number: 01733339597

Location: Gulshan Pet-Animal Clinic, 4-5 DCC Super Market, Gulshan-2, Dhaka-1212


17. Gulshan Pet Clinic

Phone Number: 01715078434

Location: 4,5, DCC Super Market, Gulshan-2, Dhaka 1212


18. Online Pet Clinic Gulshan

Phone Number: 9883486, 01912-013615

Location: Gulshan Pet-Animal Clinic, 4-5 DCC Super Market, Gulshan-2, Dhaka-1212


19. Biswas Veterinary Clinic

Phone Number: 01322581020

Location: TA – 131, 109 Gulshan Badda Link Rd, Dhaka 1212


20. Companion Care Clinic

Phone Number: 01774398004

Location: GP,E-124,School road,Wireless gate, Dhaka 1212


21. AKS Animal Care Centre

Phone Number: 01770476749

Location: 13/1 Road No. 12, Dhaka 1212


22. Mirpur Pet Animal Clinic

Phone Number: 01320823299

Location: House-04 (Ground Floor), Road-01, Mirpur 12, Dhaka


23. Pet Care

Phone Number: 01819263621

Location: S Paikpara Rd, Mirpur, Dhaka - 1216


24. Vet Abdullah Mujahid

Phone Number: 01715728760

Location: 68, Harirampur, Golartek Mosque Rd, Dhaka 1216

25.  Dr. Imran Pet Care Centre

Phone Number: Ga-95 Gulshan Badda Link Rd, Dhaka 1212

Location: 01849583864


26. SP Vet Care Limited

Phone Number: 023429830440

Location: 382, H/3 E Nakhalpara Rd, Dhaka 1215

27. Dr. Sharbari’s Pet Care

Phone Number: 01722926032

Location: 496 Lane – 9, Dhaka


28. Bd Pet.Care

Phone Number: 01713267313

Location: Ka-54/3, 1229 Bashundhara Rd, Dhaka 1229


Government Veterinary Hospital in Dhaka

29. Central Veterinary Hospital

Phone Number: 01745-137090

Location: Dhaka 1000


30. Bangladesh Veterinary Council

Phone Number: 02-7343260

Location: PCF3+5VH, Dhaka 1100


Sylhet Vet & Animal Doctor List  

31. Dr. A T M Mahbub E Elahi

Phone: 01711301042

Email: [email protected]

Clinic: SAU Dept of Microbiology, Sylhet


32. Dr. Syed Sayem Uddin Ahmed

Phone: 01947706956

Email: [email protected]

Clinic: SAU Dept of Public Health, Sylhet


33. Dr. Animesh Roy

Phone: 01717896167

Email: [email protected]

Clinic: SAU Vet Clinics, Sylhet


34. Dr. Sultan Ahmed

Phone: 01711140389

Email: [email protected]

Clinic: SAU Dept of Microbiology, Sylhet


35. Upozilla Livestock Officer

Phone: 01711230811

Location: Sylhet Sadar


36. Dr. Rofiqul Islam

Phone: 01199008496

Email: [email protected]

Clinic: SAU Dept of Medicine, Sylhet


37. Dr. MD Siddiqul Islam

Phone: 01711148450

Email: [email protected]

Clinic: SAU Dept of Pharmacology, Sylhet


Mymensingh Vet & Animal Doctor List


38. Mymensingh Iron Hide Vet

Clinic: Layla Yeasmin, Mymensingh Vet Hospital

Phone: 01774477688


39. Md. Abdul Kader

Clinic: 133D, AHH, BAU, Mymensingh-2202, Bangladesh, 2202

Phone: 01717610621


40. Dr KHM Nazmul Hussain NAZIR

Clinic: 53 Saroda Ghosh Road, 3rd Floor, Naumahal, Mymensingh-2200

Phone: +8801712620151

Email: [email protected]


Barishal Vet & Animal Doctor List 

41. Veterinary Care

Clinic: Kehya Ghat to Bus stand Rd, Banaripara Union, Bangladesh

Phone: +880 1919-555734

Rajshahi Vet & Animal Doctor List  

42. Birds and Pet Animal Clinic, Rajshahi 

Phone Number: 01780-790526

Email: [email protected]

Loctaion: Darikhorbona moor, Uposhohor, Rajshahi

Cumilla Vet & Animal Doctor List   

43. Cumilla Pet Care-Vet. Surgeon Dr. Nazmul Haque

Phone Number: 01712-056089 

Email: [email protected]

Location: Comilla, Bangladesh


Khulna Vet & Animal Doctor List

34. Dr. Abdullah-Al-Mujahid

Clinic: Sonadanga R/A, Phase-2, Sonadanga, Khulna

Phone: 01715728760

Kishoreganj Vet & Animal Doctor List 

45. Kishoreganj Vet Hos

Clinic: Bottrish, Bhairab Rd, Kishorganj, Bangladesh

Phone: N/A




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