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Mixed Breed Cat Price in Bangladesh

Mixed cat breeds, sometimes referred to as domestic mixed breeds or just "moggies," are distinguished in the cat world by their unique appeal and diversity. Mixed-breed cats have a distinctive mix of features that make them special companions, unlike purebred cats with pedigrees that go back to generations.


Tanvir Chowdhury


PUBLISHED ONFeb 15, 2024

Cats make great companion animals and are shown to reduce stress. They even thrived in the social and religious practices of ancient Egypt, considered as deity. We are discussing a relationship that has existed for at least 3,000 years, if not since the dawn of humanity. Even though cats are popular for their great companionship ability, some pet owners in Bangladesh choose to have a fancy, mixed-breed cat for luxury. But, how well do we know our cats? I am speaking of mixed cat species. How many species of cats roam the country and what are the Mixed Breed Cat Prices in Bangladesh?

What is a mixed-breed cat?

Mixed cat breeds, sometimes referred to as domestic mixed breeds or just "moggies," are distinguished in the cat world by their unique appeal and diversity. Mixed-breed cats have a distinctive mix of features that make them special companions, unlike purebred cats with pedigrees that go back to generations. Mixed cat breeds offer an intriguing look into the appealing qualities of genetic variation, from their diversified coat patterns to their varied personality traits.

Cat breeds that are mixed are incredibly diverse in terms of size, color, and shape. Their genetic composition might include traits from a variety of breeds, giving rise to cats with particular features that are hard to classify. Every mixed breed cat has a unique history and lineage, whether it's the eye-catching fusion of a Persian and Oriental or the energetic playfulness of a tabby and Maine Coon mix.

Adopting a mixed-breed cat can be a fulfilling experience for people considering expanding their family with a feline companion. Many times, adorable moggies needing forever homes can be found in shelters and rescue groups. Aside from the fact that you get a fantastic companion, adopting a mixed-breed cat also gives a needy cat another chance at life. The bond you develop with your mixed-breed cat will surely be exceptional and long-lasting, regardless of whether you're drawn to a particular coat pattern or are just fascinated by a cat's distinct personality.

History of the Breed

Cats were very helpful to humans when we first learned how to store food, which was a critical stage in our evolution. With grain stores came mice, and wild cats delighted in the food source. The domesticated cat originated when people, happy with the way the pests were controlled, permitted the cats to remain indoors. 

Adopting a Mixed Breed Cat

Before getting yourself a mixed-breed cat, the most important thing you should consider is to make sure to check up on their unique nature that matches you, or else it will be a face-off between you and the little feline buddy! Mixed-breed cats have personalities that are just as diverse as their physical characteristics.

In terms of biology, a mixed-breed cat is any feline that combines elements of multiple breeds. It might be a hybrid of two mixed breeds, a purebred and a mixed breed, or a cross between two separate species of cats. Domestic mixed breeds can have almost any body size, coat color, coat pattern, or coat length due to this amazing variability.

Most owners of mixed-breed pets are clueless about their pet's origin. However, other people might base their opinion on their cat's physical attributes, such as color, coat pattern, length, eye color, and the shape of the nose, ears, face, and body. In addition, pay attention to the cat's general disposition, vocalizations, and manners in relation to purebred cats.

While specific breeds may offer particular attributes—for example, the mischievous antics of a Bengal cat or the cuddly attitude of a Ragdoll cat—some people are more reserved and independent, others could be sociable and extroverted. Mixed breed cats are known for their unique charms and characteristics, which help them win over the hearts of their human lovers, whether they are soft lap cats or fearless explorers.

Popular mixed-breed cats

  • Mixed Persian: Persians are a long-haired breed characterized by its round face and short muzzle. They are constant shedders, and constant grooming is required, but are very loving and affectionate with their owners. The mixes tend to be healthier than their purebred cat counterparts
  • Tabby: These cats are easily identified by their distinctive lines, stripes, swirls, and dot patterns, and come in a variety of colors. They are usually grey, brown, or orange, with white on the feet and chest.
  • Domestic Medium-hair: Medium-sized and muscular, these cats are similar to short-haired breeds but have longer hair. They come in almost every color and coat pattern, and their temperament can range from docile, active, playful, independent, or talkative.
  • British Short Hair Mix: Known for their calm, easy going personality. They pose plush coat—while purebreds are more likely to sport the classic “British Blue'' coat, mixed-breed cats display a variety of colors and patterns
  • Maine Coon Cat Mix: These mixed breeds resemble Maine Coon cats, with medium to long hair length, a large body with a short, bushy tail with tabby striping in gray, black, or brown, and black tips at the ears.
  • Clouded Leopard: The species cannot roar either. However, this cat shows some traits that confuse everyone. When compared to skull size, clouded leopard has the longest canines. It can open the jaw to an astounding 100 degrees wide. Clouded leopard gets its name from large, irregular, dusky grey blotches. 

What is the price of Mixed Breed Cats in Bangladesh?

The price ranges of mixed breeds in Bangladesh vary due to several reasons. The color, size, availability, dual-toned eyes, specific patterns on the body, and several others. The price range of Persian mixed breeds starts from 17,000 BDT for kittens and goes up to 1 Lac BDT for adult cats. The Bengal Leopard, for its extremely rare features, is sold for BDT 25,000- BDT 1 Lac. British Short-hair cats are available within BDT 17,000-BDT 80,000. Tabby cats are available in Bangladesh with a starting price of BDT 3,500.

What are the health risks of mixed-breed cats?

Mixed cat breeds rank among the healthiest of cats. Unlike pure breeds that often have specific health problems that are genetically passed down through the generations, mixed breed cats are often healthier. But they are still susceptible to some health issues. Spay or neuter your pet by age 5 months if you don't intend to breed them. Stay up-to-date on vaccinations and veterinary visits to prevent serious health problems.

Where can I get Mixed Breed Cats from?

Mixed Breed cats are usually domestically bred and adoption depends on the pet owner. Besides, there a numerous Facebook groups existing that allow the adoption as well as buying/selling of felines. You can also buy/ sell mixed-breed cats over the Internet on websites such as However, this practice is not encouraged as it influences the religious sentiments of some people. Moreover, if you are someone who prefers physical shops, then you might look at the Feline Shops in Katabon, Dhaka.






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