Cat House Price in Bangladesh

Cat House Price in Bangladesh

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Tanvir Chowdhury


PUBLISHED ONFeb 14, 2024

Taking a long commute to work and toiling around nonstop at the job- must be so hard, isn’t it? The only thing you would probably look forward to is your cloudy bed where you just want to Netflix and chill. Well, put your shoes into your cat’s. I mean sure they aren’t humans but they cuddle you, play with you, and follow you from one place to another- all of these are very difficult tasks for a pet as lazy as a cat, don’t you think? Yes, cats are affectionate pets. All they want is some snuggles and lots of zones of comfort!

As the number of pet owners is rising, the demand for cat-related accessories has been skyrocketing, like never before. Bangladesh has been seeing an increasing trend of keeping cats as pets in recent years. Thus, pet owners have a derived need to provide their cats with a fancy lifestyle. Cat homes or cat houses are the newest addition to a cat’s list of non-negotiables and thus, this article discusses the price ranges of Cat Houses in Bangladesh and their importance in a cat’s lifestyle.


Product Name Product Price
Portable Folding Pet Tent House for Cats & Dogs ৳2699
Pet Bed Hammock for Cats & Puppies ৳1399
Sophisticated Double Decker Tent House for Cats ৳2970


Pet owners with cats consider them an integral part of the family and love to pamper them with every Kawai thing they think will cater to their fur babies’ well-being. A cat house or a cat home can be your kitty’s comfort zone, where she can play, relax as well as sleep. Continue reading to get the best guidelines on building your cat the perfect home that will ensure their comfort and contentment.

  • Location: Every pet cat has a designated spot in the house. Keeping this in mind, you should place your cat home in the spot your cat is most acquainted with. Thus, doing so will prioritize the cats’ sense of acceptance and security.
  • Size: Consider the size of your cat and available space when choosing to build your cat their home. Look at the cat’s height, weight, and size before jumping to conclusions. If your cat is an adult, make sure it has ample space to fit in, stretch itself, and move around freely.
  • Material: You should look out for comfortable soft materials, which has a bedding available for your cat to rest and attachable toys that can keep the cat entertained. You should also look out for materials that are easily washable to maintain hygiene.
  • Easy Access: Opt for houses that have no barriers to entry like ramps so that the chances of getting in trouble are less. Frequent movement will also ensure the cat’s mobility and the need to walk to their designated litter when necessary.
  • Adequate Ventilation: Make sure that the cat house is not closed from all sides and can ensure air exchange at all times for the safety of the cat.
  • Designing and Aesthetics: Personalize your cat's house according to your cat’s unique personality. A kitten would prefer more colors and cartoons as well as dangling toys than an adult cat, Moreover, as a cat mom/dad, you possess all the right to design your cat’s house according to your specific aesthetic.

Aside from functionality and sustainability, you need to double-check the Brand Reputation and Quality of the cat homes. The materials used in the cat home also play an important role in your cat’s comfort and safety. The different types of cat houses in Bangladesh are tent houses, round beds, shark mouth enclosed, hammocks as well as many others. The average price of cat houses in Bangladesh ranges from BDT 800-BDT 2,800.




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